Say what you mean.

* * * FREELANCE Writer * * *

Art by BLT Communications, LLC. 


Hi. I'm Jimmy. I'm a writer.

I've written copy for the entertainment industry for the past 5 years. My words have been published in a variety of mediums, including

1-sheets, DVD packaging, radio spots, bus wraps, and billboards.

So, technically speaking, I'm good enough.  I can string

few words together, make them look and sound pretty. 

But copy without concept rings empty; I go beyond.

I find the soul of the product, its literal and figurative

"reason for being," its unique, contextual place in our

modern lives, and I expose its spirit in ways that are 

aesthetically pleasing and emotionally satisfying.

I believe that good work begins with concept, 

and I work quickly, simply, and well. 

Every product says something. Control your message. 

Say what you mean.